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Although Portola Valley Residents manifest in meetings, groups, and more,
Portola Valley Residents is actually just an idea -
an idea of restoring and maintaining what made and makes Portola Valley a wonderful place
and community.

Portola Valley Residents was sparked by a small number of residents, but the very essence of it
is for it to be owned and implemented by everyone.

We hope that you will take over from here.

Below are some of the growing number of residents in our Town
that have lent their name to this idea.
We hope that you'll add your name as well.


Walter Bortz
Danna Breen
Edward Holland
Alyson Illich
Leslie Kriese
Judith Murphy
David Ross

Jon Silver
Kelly Starr
Katherine Terhune
Sylvia Thompson
Bob Turcott
Karen Vahtra
Neil Weintraut

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