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Portola Valley Residents
is a platform inviting
you and other residents
to be an active part of
this great community.

You can be part of making the upcoming in-person meeting a success by...


  • Organizing Food and Beverages for the event.

    • Sue Chaput, Kathy Scandalios, Jerrie Welch; more needed​

  • October 13th event Photography​

    • Karen Vahtra Maple​

  • Handing out flyers at School dropoff lines.

  • Moderate the Open-Mic Session

    • Judith Murphy​

  • Rallying with your friends to come.

  • Engage with others that aren't aware of what's going on with the big issues affecting their town.

  • Help out the night of the event.

  • Manage the Zoom recording of the event.

  • Manage website.

  • Offer input or ideas to help the event.

Thanks for submitting!

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